Klaviyo vs Omnisend: A Comparison of Features

Analyzing Klaviyo vs Omnisend

Are you looking for the best email marketing and SMS tools for your eCommerce business? You have landed on the right place! Both Klaviyo or Omnisend are viable options.

This blog compares Omnisend vs Klaviyo to help you evaluate the key features and determine which tool is best for your company.

Klaviyo vs Omnisend Features

1. Pricing


Klaviyo offers access to all its features, including advanced features, regardless of the pricing plan. No hidden fees are charged and merchants can see what they are getting for their money before signing up or making payment.


Omnisend does not allow all features to be included in a subscription, as Klaviyo does. Instead, Omnisend restricts features according to the type of subscription. You will need to upgrade to a higher-end subscription plan if you desire more advanced features. One example is branding forms. Omnisend branding will be displayed on forms when you use a free plan. However, in standard and pro plans Omnisend branding can also be removed.

Web tracking data history is another feature that depends on your subscription type. Only one month of data will be displayed by the free plan. You can upgrade to a standard or pro plan to view more web tracking history data for 6 months, and 18 months respectively.

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2. Segmentation


Klaviyo allows merchants to create unlimited segments. The core feature of Klaviyo is the unlimited customer and audience segmentation. It makes it easy to simplify retargeting efforts. You can also set the criteria for each segment to be as broad or narrow as you like.


Omnisend restricts merchants to a limited number of segments, based on which plan they have. Only 20 segments are allowed by the free plan. Merchants are limited to 100 segments by the standard plan, while merchants can only have 200 segments with the pro plan. Omnisend is not recommended for Enterprise or mid-market merchants that require many segments of their audience to achieve marketing goals.

3. A/B Testing


A/B Testing is an essential part of any eCommerce strategy. You can optimize your strategy by A/B testing as many variables as you want. No matter what marketing automation tool you use, A/B testing involves changing onevariable at time to maintain a statistical baseline.

Klaviyo has the tools to test many variables including subject lines, discounts and email design.


While marketers shouldn’t test more than one variable with A/B testing it is better to be able to test multiple elements. Omnisend restricts merchants to only testing subject lines and sender addresses. It is therefore more difficult to alter your email strategy to improve valuable email metrics.

4. Reporting


Klaviyo offers a comprehensive reporting dashboard that gives you a complete view of your eCommerce store, as long as it is live. Klaviyo can still provide a complete view of your eCommerce store even if you have been using it for only a few months.

Klaviyo merchants have access to advanced reporting options, such as a Multi Metric Deep Dive and an Flow Performance. Advanced reporting features are free and there are no hidden fees. This allows you to leverage customer data and make better data-driven decisions.


Advanced reporting with Omnisend is only available to the pro plan. This plan is the most costly. Standard and free plans both have basic reporting available, including campaign, sales and automation reports. This tool only shows data for the last 18 months, making it difficult to track growth over time.


This comparison of Omnisend vs Klaviyo should have opened your eyes to the key features of each platform. It can be difficult to choose the right tool for your eCommerce needs. Make sure you do your research before making a decision on a tool that will impact your growth.

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