Klaviyo vs. Bronto: Comparing Marketing Automation Tools

You want to increase conversions using eCommerce software. You are in the right place. You can build customer relationships and drive revenue with the functionality of Klaviyo or Bronto.

Klaviyo vs. Bronto: Comparing Automation Platforms

This blog will compare Klaviyo and Bronto in order to better help you understand the different features of each platform. When deciding which software to use for your business, keep in mind your business goals.

Klaviyo is more than email marketing

Drive growth

Klaviyo offers more native integrations to help eCommerce businesses integrate more data in order to improve their marketing strategies. Companies don’t have to define their data schema in advance before Klaviyo can integrate with an eCommerce store.

Klaviyo also offers pop-ups and forms that can be customized. Signup forms are great to capture email addresses and grow your contact list year round. Pop-ups can be used for specific promotions and customer appreciation. Klaviyo allows businesses to seamlessly optimize messaging for different audiences and offers, making it easier to welcome first-time buyers as well as reward loyal customers.

Klaviyo allows businesses to view customer profiles from one place. This gives sales and marketing the ability to provide truly customized customer experiences and help grow their brand.

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Analyze Trends & Uncover Opportunities

Klaviyo’s segmentation capabilities are what make it unique. Businesses don’t have to worry about maintaining lists with dynamic segments that automatically update. To send precise promotions that drive conversions, you can use your contacts’ transactional and behavioral data.

Klaviyo’s data-science features allow businesses to cross-sell and up-sell using AI and predictive analytics. You can predict when customers will buy next, how many they’ll purchase in the future, and the average order time. More

Klaviyo’s reporting tools allow you to analyze campaign performance, flow performance, signup forms performance and many other metrics. The reporting tool, Custom Analytics, makes it easy to view the data you need.

Get to know your audience on a personal level

Klaviyo’s automation features allow brands to personalize their customer experience. Klaviyo makes it easy to automate emails, split and branch emails, and helps consumers navigate the buyer’s journey.

Dynamically transferring data from and to Facebook and Instagram will further personalize your marketing efforts. Optimizing your messages across social media channels and tailoring them to each customer’s needs is a great way to build customer relationships.

Klaviyo’s setup wizard can be a great help when you need to create targeted campaigns. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to quickly create emails and save them for later use.

Segmentation can be used to exclude or include specific lists from email messages. Klaviyo allows businesses to target specific customer segments with unique offers, which improves deliverability and other important metrics.

For businesses that want to reach different segments of customers and personalize their messaging, Klaviyo is now an option. Klaviyo recommends that businesses use SMS to send out welcome series, reminders about abandoned carts, promotions, and other messages.

Bronto Features

Convert Your Goals

It’s important that you remember when comparing Klaviyo and Bronto that they offer relatively similar solutions. Bronto, recently acquired by Oracle NetSuite, helps businesses achieve their eCommerce goals through engaging with customers via email, SMS, and social media platforms.

The templates are optimized to mobile. The drag-and-drop editor makes email creation and optimization easy for different audiences. Its reporting tools allow companies to see deliverability rates, as well as other important metrics.

Bronto’s coupon-generating software integrates with email messages, forms and pop-ups to allow businesses to see the revenue generated by each coupon code. Bronto’s visual editor allows you to customize the look of your coupon.

Analyze campaigns & performance

Bronto’s configurable dashboards offer valuable insights and data into campaign performance and email open rates. Bronto allows companies to see the revenue generated by specific campaigns, in addition to basic metrics like bounce rate, open rate, and click-through rates.

Analytics and reporting tools from Its Analytics and Reporting Tools provide insights that can be used to assist businesses in improving their marketing efforts. These include performance over time, revenue by email, performance per device type, heat maps, and performance per email.

Personalize your Messaging

Bronto uses subscribers’ profile data, including click and visit behavior and geolocation data, to send highly targeted emails. You can personalize the experience of each user with your brand by sending personalized product recommendations via automated email (including transaction emails) or on your eCommerce website.

Klaviyo and Bronto both offer segmentation capabilities, which allow businesses to segment based upon purchase behavior, demographics or location. They both have email automation that can use to capture abandoned carts and cross-sell or upsell related products.

Bronto encourages businesses not to just update customers about the status of orders when it comes to personalizing transactional email. Bronto integrates seamlessly with many eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Shopify, and NetSuite so that businesses can access the customer and order information they require.

Bronto suggests that you take transactional emails to the next level by using your company logos and colors, as well as fonts, to differentiate your brand from other companies. Send automated product recommendations via email. Answer frequently asked questions and answer service/product/product inquiries specific to each customer’s purchase.


It’s important to remember that Klaviyo and Bronto both offer the ability to create engaging email messages without the assistance of a designer or developer. Don’t worry if you don’t have any eCommerce experience. Both marketing automation platforms can be used to quickly get your business up and running.

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