How We Built Garrett Wade’s BigCommerce Website

eCommerce businesses often face difficulties with backordering, inventory management, and pricing rules. Garrett Wade was one of those clients. They had difficulty with their Magento website and turned to Groove Commerce to help them migrate their entire eCommerce store from Magento into BigCommerce.

Garrett Wade’s BigCommerce Website

Garrett Wade was founded in 1975 and is a family-owned business. Their website allows customers to buy directly from the company and offers high-quality tools for woodworking and gardening.

The Problem

Groove Commerce was contacted by Garrett Wade to help them migrate to BigCommerce. There were a few issues, such as grouping products, backordering, inventory, and pricing rules.

The company sells many products and inventory is constantly changing. They wanted to be sure that their new BigCommerce website would allow customers to place backorders.

They also offer many purchasing options for their products. Therefore, they designed a BigCommerce website that is flexible and easy to use.

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The Solution

The Garrett Wade website was launched on the BigCommerce Enterprise platform by the Groove Commerce team. BigCommerce Stencil’s advanced features and dynamic functionality were used to create an easy-to use website experience for our client’s clients.

The entire website was built using page builder. We also used drag-and drop for most of the site. This allows Garrett Wade to be in complete control of their site once it launches. Their team is now able to make quick updates to their website without the assistance of a developer.

Here’s a quick view of Garrett Wade’s BigCommerce website.



Grouping Products

This product detail page explains how you can buy two types of products separately, two products as one, or two products. You also have the option to add two replacement blades to any of three products.

Backordering Products

Their team had to work out a lot of backordering rules in order to offer their customers the best possible website experience. Some of their products are limited-time and therefore sold out immediately. Customers will need to sign up for an email in order to reorder other products.

Garrett Wade needed to update product detail pages regularly in order to keep customers informed about the availability of an item. We used inventory rules to ensure that the front-end products matched the inventory available in their warehouse.

Garrett Wade used a 3PL Integration in order to determine which products were available in the warehouse, and which products had been shipped to ensure that they are properly displayed on the front-end. This is how 3PL Integration determines product availability.

  • Is it currently available for purchase?
  • If not, when will it be?
  • Will it be made available within the next 30 days, if it is ever made?
  • Customers can buy it now if they are sure.
  • Customers can sign up to receive notifications to purchase the product later if they are not satisfied.

It will eventually switch from a notification into a preorder. This process continues as new products are added or removed. It takes a lot of data management to understand the complexities of the data and show it correctly on the front-end.

The logic to read the integration was written by our team. The data can be difficult to understand, so we created the logic to display complicated inventory rules. We built functionality to display each product correctly on the Garrett Wade website’s front-end.

Apps used

Our team used technical SEO optimization to drive traffic and increase conversions after the site was designed and developed. These are just a few of the additional tools we used to get the site up and running.

  • Klaviyo
  • Searchspring
  • Feedonomics
  • Avalara

The Results

Groove Commerce launched Garrett Wade’s website on January 21, 2021. Within the first week of their BigCommerce website’s launch, the company saw a 23% increase on eCommerce conversion rates and a 60% increase year-over-year in revenue.

Garrett Wade observed the following results from January 2021 through March 2021, the first two months after launch, as compared to the same period in 2020:

  • Revenues up 76.06%
  • Transactions increase by 69.96%
  • Increase of 27.91% in eCommerce conversion rate
  • Average order value increases by 3.59%


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