Eight of the most popular print-on-demand products this year

Eight of the most popular print-on-demand products this year

Smart sellers recognize that customers want more personalization in their purchases and are now turning to printing on demand to build businesses that meet this demand.

No longer are you required to purchase new inventory in order to create custom products. It is no longer necessary to worry about whether the inventory will sell. Print on Demand offers a low barrier of entry to a space previously unobtainable to most.

How can you get started with print-on-demand? Which print-on demand products should you be selling?

Quick refresher: What is print on Demand?

Print on Demand, or POD, is a rapidly growing dropshipping business model that generates billions of dollars each year.

This model doesn’t require you to carry any physical goods. Instead, you use a print-on demand service that connects you to third-party suppliers.

You simply need to pick blank merchandise and create a custom design. Then, forward future orders to your POD supplier. Your supplier will print and ship your orders for you. Some suppliers will allow you to white-label the products.

POD has many benefits.

  • Avoid stock. Reduce storage costs, labor charges, and the hassle of managing a larger inventory.
  • Be flexible to changing demand. Reduce the chance of stockpiling too many or too few items and only make products when there is actual demand.
  • Avoid supply chain nightmares In recent years, global supply chains have been subject to severe disruption. POD provides access to multiple suppliers from different regions, which reduces your vulnerability to these issues. One supplier might not be able fulfill orders. Another may.
  • Stock damage and theft can be reduced. You don’t need to monitor inventory for stolen, damaged or spoiled products.
  • Reduce packaging costs. Printify allows you to offer lower packaging costs and more efficient postage than if all of your orders were handled by you. This will increase your product’s competitiveness.
  • Increase cash flow. Making customized products can be expensive. This requires a lot of time, money and calculation. POD is a pre-set up system that requires minimal capital upfront.
  • Get started right away. Printify and other POD platforms make it simple to create your first product. Choose from a variety of POD products and build your design. Then, you can start selling via your Wix eCommerce website.

8 products to get you started on your POD journey

Trendy, fashionable and lightweight are the best POD products. There are many niches you can explore that range from pet products to astrology.

Based on data from Printify, here are some of the most in-demand print-on-demand products.

01. Mugs

Although we are not supposed to feel attached to inanimate objects, many people do so with mugs.

Heinz Cup research found that 60% of people have a very close relationship with their mugs. Nearly four out 10 people said they would not want anyone sharing it. It is easy to see that selling the right customized mug can result in big sales.

LemonMerch offers a wide range of merchandise that includes everything from hoodies and bento boxes. Drinkware is an obvious choice. The brand collaborated in the design of the mug shown above with TikTok influencer AnnaRileyOk. It is available in a variety of colors.

02. T-shirts

Rare POD products offer the same opportunity for creativity and sales as the classic tee-shirt. In the next three-years, the global custom tshirt market is expected to surpass $10B.

T-shirts can be customized with your own artwork, logos and graphic prints. Fur face & Co. sells personalized apparel and accessories for “fur-face lovers.” They offer a variety of colors and designs. Shoppers can choose the breed of cat or dog they wish to have on their shirts.

Notice: If you are reprinting an existing design you will need to be familiar with intellectual Property so that you don’t accidentally infringe on the IP of another party. It is not acceptable to ignore the law.

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03. Tote bags

Totes bags will be a top-selling POD product in 2022. Tote bags were once considered an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Today, however, the tote bag can be used for more than grocery shopping. The tote bag is a fashion statement in itself.

Tote bags offer a blank canvas for brands. Totes bags are a great opportunity to brand your business, whether you want to display your logo or create a fun design on the canvas. Tote bags are functional, as they can be used to complement any casual outfit with a durable and reusable accessory.

The29Line offers a variety of tote bags for sale in collaboration with different bands, venues, events and organizations. These limited-edition totes can be purchased on demand and are available at no cost to 29 partners.

04. Pillowcases

Sleeping is a significant part of our lives. No wonder pillows are so special to us. These pillows can be used as practical gifts or for children who wish to express themselves.

NoSmallDreamsShop is a great choice for Hmong and kpop fans. The pillow, which is BTS-inspired, features an illustration featuring Jungkook from the South Korean band. He has since become a worldwide sensation.

05. Phone cases

Although it’s hard to believe, we cannot live without our smartphones. It is essential to protect our phones from the elements and to satisfy our desire to make them look fashionable.

The latest printing technologies allow for bright, crisp colors and allow for a wide range of creative designs. You can offer the same design on a variety different sizes and types of phones thanks to the flexibility of POD.

OJM, which stands for Old Jewish Men, puts a humorous spin to the classic phone case. The brand caters to all iPhone users starting with iPhone 7 owners.

06. Lunch bags made of paper

Lunch boxes have been made of plastic for decades. However, customers who are conscious of the environment are now looking for alternatives. One option is paper lunch bags.

These lunch bags are made with 100% certified eco-paper material and can be customized to make them the ideal accessory for eco-conscious customers. This product niche is very competitive, so it’s a great time to start new sellers.

07. All-over printed clothing

POD allows you to create vibrant, all-over clothing. You don’t have to choose between a single print on the front and back of your hoodie. Instead, explore an all-encompassing print.

These types of prints are more expensive than regular graphic tees, and require more color and intricate designs.

This trend may win you some new fans. Print on demand is a great way to make money online as an artist.

This is Melissa A. Mitchell, an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and artist. She spreads joy through her vibrant, colorful POD clothing. Her love of abstract art has made her a popular figure.

08. Sneakers

There are so many options for sneakers. It can be difficult to find the right pair of shoes that best express your personality.

As we move into summer, custom-made POD sneakers are in high demand. They offer that unique choice that many people are looking for to stand out among the crowd.


Many industries are in trouble right now, but print on demand continues its growth every year. This is a reflection of the times we live in. Customers spend more time online than they do in physical stores.

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