20 Best Corporate Gift Baskets for All Your 2022 Business Gifting Events

20 Best Corporate Gift Baskets for All Your 2022 Business Gifting Events

You have probably heard the phrase “People do business when they like, trust, and know each other.” This is not just for customers and investors. It also applies to employee and client satisfaction.

It is now more important than ever to build and maintain authentic relationships with those who help your business succeed. Get corporate gift baskets.

We have scoured the web and compiled our top recommendations for the best corporate gifts (bags boxes and bins). This makes it easy to find the best business gift hampers in one place.

It’s not hard to see how the ” normal” way of working has changed significantly in recent years. It can be difficult for your team to feel connected and appreciated in today’s hybrid workplace environment. It doesn’t matter where you work, it is important to keep your work family together.

A thoughtfully curated gourmet gift hamper is a great way to show your appreciation. One tasteful gift basket can show your appreciation for their hard work and show you care.

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A happier, healthier culture is possible by making your team aware of the value they bring to the company.

Scroll down to see our top recommendations for the 14 Best Corporate Gift Baskets. These baskets can be used to cover many occasions in your business and increase workplace moral.

1) Snack and Wine Trio

“When you have to give a memorable gift that won’t break the bank.”

This beautiful basket features 3 boutique wines and a variety of delicious, carefully paired snacks. This basket is great for gifting new clients or celebrating employee birthdays.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for:Client milestones, holiday gifts and just saying thank-you.

Why this basket is so special: It combines luxury wines with delicious snacks. It looks and tastes amazing, and it costs less than $70.

Price: $69.95

Where can you get it? Snack and Wine Trio


2) VIP treatment

“Artisanal snacks for those who love finer things”


You’ve found the right gift for you if you are looking for something that will give your most prominent clients a boost. This bundle of stylish, functional treats is perfect for VIPs, CEOs and other MVPs in your gift-giving list. These thoughtfully selected, high-quality items will not only show that you value them but also demonstrate your appreciation for their contributions.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: Anniversaries, Milestones, Holidays

Why We Love This: A JBL wireless speaker, portable charger, and a mug that keeps your coffee hot, this bag is a great gift idea. Your gift recipients deserve a thoughtful gesture of appreciation.

Price To get your personalized results, take this 60 second quiz

Where can you get it? VIP treatment


3) A Taste of Italy

“A classy gift to impress clients, prospects or employees.”


Send your recipient to Florence, Italy to discover this incredible collection of boutique wines and artisanal snacks. This basket is packed with purpose and includes Italian tiramisu truffles as well as Sconza Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds and extra virgin olive oil.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: Holiday gifting or celebrating milestones

Why We Love This: This gift is perfect for someone who appreciates finer things. Every item in this gift basket was carefully selected and sourced from Italy, unlike other gift baskets.

Price: $84.95

Where to buy it: Taste of Italy


4) Choose Your Basket

“Let your recipient pick from dozens of carefully curated baskets, ranging from luxury treats to spa-at-home kit options.”


eGift collections lets you set a budget, choose a theme and let your recipients pick the gift basket that suits their needs. The email will contain a link that allows recipients to redeem their gift. Redeemed gifts will not be charged to your credit card.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: Any occasion

Why do we love this? Who doesn’t love the freedom of choice? eGift collections allow recipients to get the item they want, and you don’t have to pay any shipping costs.

Prices: Starting at $30

Where can you get it? Select Your Basket


5) Celebration Bouquet

“For adding bursts of color!”


This stunning arrangement is ideal for any occasion. This arrangement includes daisies, yellow balls and roses, as well as purple Veronia. All flowers were sourced from sustainable, eco-friendly farms.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: New customers and clients

Why do we love it: Bright colors will brighten any workspace or office. This is a great way to express appreciation to employees and clients. This makes a great addition to any home or office decor and is a wonderful gift idea for clients.

Price: $84

Where can you get it? Celebration Bouquet


6) Spa Day Essentials

“For those who require extra pampering”


This all-natural collection includes everything you need for a relaxing spa day at home.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: Anniversaries and Milestones

Why do we love it? Your recipient is sure to love these luxurious products and will be grateful that you took the time to make them feel special.

Pricing For more information, see Boxes & Pricing

Where can you get it? Spa Day Essentials


7) Classic Signature Gift Basket

This is the perfect gift for any occasion or special occasion.


This luxury gift is a great gift choice for celebrating milestones such as anniversaries or retirements. The contents are delicious and healthy. They’re also beautifully packaged to add that extra “Wow” factor.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: Anniversaries and Milestones

Why do we love it: Who doesn’t love to customize? You have many options to upgrade your gift basket, including gourmet caramel popcorn or a wine list with pairing notes and tasting notes. This gift basket is sure to impress clients!

Price: $49.99+

Where can you get it? Classic Signature gift basket


8) Pastel Pottery Kit

“For art lovers”


This set is fun and easy to use and includes everything you need to create your own unique piece of art. The clay is easy to use for hand-building your masterpiece. Once it’s finished, you can paint it using the beautiful pastel colors included.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: Anniversaries, Milestones, Holidays

Why do we love it? A gift that allows recipients to express themselves creatively and relax. They’ll also have a piece of art to hang in their home or office.

Prices: Prices are determined by the number of units ordered. Click here to find out more

Where can you get it? Pastel Pottery Kit


9) Welcome back to the office care package

“When people feel valued they add exponential value.”


Look no further for great gifting ideas that go beyond snacks and sweets. You will find everything you need, from care packages that include company-branded swag to personal massages or “office socks”, here.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: Remote employees who are returning to work

Why do we love it: You have so many options for making your employees feel welcome, appreciated, and safe. Some people may prefer new clothing, while others might like a Moleskin notebook, glass tumbler or branded laptop sleeves to decorate their workspace. This welcome gift will bring a smile to your employees’ faces while you give them a variety of high-quality company products.

Price To get your personalized results, take this 60 second quiz

Where can you get it? Welcome back to the Office Care Package


10) Bakery Sweets Thank You Gift Box

We can’t think a better way to show our gratitude.


This beautiful gift box contains eight delicious baked goods. These include whoopie pies and chocolate chunk brownies, as well as oatmeal raisin cookies. Sixteen treats will help you launch a sweet business relationship.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: New customers and clients

Why do we love it: Your new customers or clients will feel special when they receive a “Thank You” gift wrapped in a bow and a personalized card. All their products are Kosher OU–D certified.

Price: $39.99

Where can you get it? Bakery treats Thank You Gift Box


11) Corporate Starter Pack

“Swag should be fun.”


Your branded swag makes a lasting impression by welcoming newbies. There is no tedious or complicated ordering process. It takes just a few clicks to create your swag pack, upload your logo, and customize your shipping. It’s easy to create your swag.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: Bulk ordering for customers and new employees

Why do we love it? You can buy bulk to welcome every new player to your game. This personalized Starter Pack can be used for all your corporate gift-giving needs. Can you say swag-a-licious?

Price: $29.79

Where can you get it? Corporate Starter Kit


12) Fall Harvest Basket

“Say Happy birthday, celebrate a company merger or send your love.”


This gift basket for clients includes fresh fruits, jams, sausage, and cookies. It has something for everyone, and it all comes in a delightful -curated basket that oozes appreciation. You can express your appreciation by gift wrapping and personalizing a card.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: Anniversaries and Milestones

Why this is so great: Mustards, crackers and trail mix, OH MY! This gift basket is jam-packed (pun intended), and includes a variety of treats and snacks that will satisfy all tastes.

Price: $209.95

Where can you get it? Fall Harvest basket


13) Boozy Popcorn Bag

“Chocolate and cocktails, what could be better?”


Gourmet popcorn can be enough to cause salivation as Pavlov’s dog. But these thoughtful thanks-yous will make gift-giving sparkle. Savory 8 oz. This office snack will bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Available in 3 different alcohol-inspired flavors. Branded with your company logo.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: Existing clients, customers, employees

Why We Love This: You can personalize these bags with colored bows and labels. It’s a great non-alcoholic snack idea.

Price: $7.51+

Where can you get it? Boozy Popcorn Bag


14) Snack and Chocolate Gift Basket

“This gift basket is a generous gift no one can resist!”


This corporate gift basket can be customized to meet your corporate gifting requirements. It comes in three sizes, with each one packing more deliciousness inside its wooden crate. This executive gift basket is over 15 pounds in weight and contains thirty-five delicious gourmet treats.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: Holidays

Why do we love it? Each hand-packed basket contains premium Belgian chocolate truffles and kettle corn. It’s easy to gift your holiday business.

Price: $74.99+

Where can you get it? Snack & Chocolate Basket


15) Gourmet Crumble Mixed Nuts Tray

“An ideal and delicious gift for all occasions.”


This tray is more savory and comes with nuts, chile lime mango slices, and gourmet mixes. It will satisfy all your crunch cravings.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: Holidays

Why We Love This: This combination of heat, sweet with salt and crunch is a great option for holiday gifting.

Price: $89.95

Where can you get it? Gourmet Crunch Mix Nuts Tray


16) Meat & Cheese Gift basket

“Dream of a savory snack lover in your life?”


This company gift basket is wrapped in woven seagrass and includes a generous portion of delicious treats. There are many sizes available so your clients will be able to clearly see how much you value their business relationships.

This corporate gift hamper is ideal for: New customers

Why We Love This: A mini charcuterie board inside a basket. Who said cheeses and meats couldn’t be fancy?

Price: $49.99+

Where can you get it? Meat & Cheese Gift basket

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